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Generally people tend to treat training for a look differently from training for as an athletic or for strength. The fact is of the matter is, whatever your fitness goals are, it is very important to structure your program in a way that allows you to meet your goals in the shortest possible time period. You might have a variety of tools available to you and it is sometimes very easy to forget that not all methods are effective in achieving the set goals. So if you are hoping to stretch your muscles, you should employ a workout strategy that is designed to stretch various parts of your body and increase overall mass. In addition, eat a diet geared towards bulking your muscles and consider taking supplements to help you get bigger faster.


In any kind of dynamic zorb football, zorb football is one of the 1st things to be implemented in the training program. It is usually considered one of the fundamental requirements which have to be acquired before getting into more sport specific work. Zorb football improves flexibility and makes up an important part of an exercise routine.

Zorb football activities encourage lengthening of muscles as well as the associated tendons and oppose the tightening and shortening of muscles that occurs immediately after vigorous exercises. A sedentary type of lifestyle that involves longer periods of driving or sitting causes muscles to shorten and tighten which leads to pressure on nerves and even pains.

Benefits of pre and post exercise zorb football

• Increased flexibility

• Flexibility allows one to accomplish everyday tasks like bending over to tie shoes or even reaching to put groceries away in a cupboard. More demanding tasks like jumping during a basketball game or 100 m swimming exercises are easier if joints are taken through full range of motions.

• Flexibility minimizes ones risk of injuries by allowing joints to move over their full range of motion without necessarily having to strain capsular structures or ligaments.

• Flexibility allows for good circulation. This is necessary so as to provide working muscles with nutrients in order to allow for speedy recovery after exercises

• Flexibility allows one to maintain a good posture since tight muscles will pull one into poor structures.

• Zorb football exercises can help one to relax thus relieving tension.

• Decreased risk of injury and low back pain

• Reduced muscular tension

• Increased supply of blood and nutrients to joint structures

Types of stretches

Static zorb football

This refers to stretch that is held in a challenging but comfortable position for a given period of time usually for about 10-30 seconds. Static zorb football is the most common form of stretches found in general fitness and is usually considered safe and effective method of improving overall flexibility. A lot of experts consider static zorb football as a way of improving range of motion for functional movements that includes activities and zorb football for daily living.

Dynamic zorb football

This is a type of stretch that involves muscle movements that moves a joint through the full range of movement that is required for a given activity/sport. Even though this type of zorb football requires more thoughtful coordination than static zorb football, it is slowly gaining favor among coaches, athletes, trainers and therapists because of its benefits in improving functional range of mobility and motion in zorb football. This type of zorb football is smooth, controlled and deliberate.

Passive zorb football

This means that one is using some sought of outside assistance so as to achieve a stretch. The assistance could be leverage, one`s body weight, gravity, zorb football device or another person. With this type of zorb football, one relaxes the muscles he is trying to stretch and relies on the external force to hold them in place. You do not necessarily have to work very hard so as to do a passive stretch but there is always a risk that the external forces may be stronger than you are flexible which might result in injuries.

Active zorb football

This means that one is zorb football muscles by actively contracting the muscles in opposition to the ones they are zorb football. You do not have to rely on external forces as it is the case with passive stretch but rather you relax the muscle that you are zorb football and rely on the opposing muscles to initiate the stretch. This type of stretch can be challenging due to the muscular force required to generate the stretches but is generally considered lower risk due to the fact that you are you control the stretch force with your own strength and not external forces.