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Zorb Football is the revolutionary new way to play the beautiful game… inside an inflatable bubble! “By far one of the funniest, energetic and most unique things you will ever do!”




The rules are simple, play a fun game of football with your friends or work colleagues, however there is one small twist… each person has to wear an inflatable Body Zorb. The Zorb will protect you from your head down to your knees meaning you can run around the pitch like crazy knocking people over, getting knocked over or generally roll around on the floor till you’re too dizzy to continue.



Bubble football ball is actually a new brand of the exciting game that brings new and innovative meaning to ball control. Or you can say that this is an outstanding twist on the traditional football. In this game, you will be covered in a big, soft inflatable Bubble Ball. Lots of fun and entertainment are involved in this game for both players and audience! Most of individual have only watched videos of this game on Face book and YouTube! But now you will be able to play also, because you can easily purchase them through online shopping.