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Why Did You Buy Our Zorbing Football?

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Why did you buy our bubble soccer?
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Football Zorbing

Football Zorbing is played just like a traditional soccer game with two halves, anywhere from 25-45 minutes per half. Teams play in team sizes ranging from 6-on-6 to full 11-on-11 soccer matches. It all depends on the type of terrain the game is being played on, the size of the facility, and the number of players in a particular league. The only difference between traditional soccer and bubble soccer is that sometimes players can’t get upright after being knocked down because of their laughter. It’s not uncommon for the referees to have to help them roll over to get up!



The Football Zorbing that we have is that which can be used by everyone. We have bubble football for the kids as well as for the adults as bubble soccer is a game that can provide fun for everyone. Whatever event you have and you need a bubble soccer, you can get in touch with us. Our bubble balls can be used for school or church event, corporate and youth group activities as well as during birthday parties

Football Zorbing is an exciting new sport that works just like normal football with the exception that you are in a giant bubble. Which brings football to a whole new level, you can be tackled much as you like without it hurts and we promise a football game you’ll never forget. Bubble Soccer is the perfect activity for bachelorette parties, bridal shower, birthday party and kickoff.


Zorbing Ball

Let’s experience the space of unknown!!!!Zorb Ball is designed for those who are seeking to get excitement. it is safe and fun for rolling downhill inside an orb which generally made of transparent plastic. The zorb is double-sectioned which has one ball inside the other with an air layer between. in short Zorb experiences is an attraction to experience the fun more than scary. As a professional manufacturer of ZORB we can produce all kinds of Zorb Ball according to your requests, such as Clear Zorb Ball,Colour Zorb Ball,Colour Dot Zorb Ball,Glow Zorb Ball,Nuclear Globe,Soccer Zorb Ball,Body Zorbing Ball.



Zorb Ball, Zorbing ball, Zorb is the sport of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, zorb globe, giant inflatable human hamster ball, It’s great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and zorbing ramp, zorbing orbit.Zorb Ball is the sport of rolling down a hill or grass plot inside a giant inflatable ball. Its great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp, Zorb Ball also named Hill Ball, Inflatable grass plot ball, Inflatable roller ball, land ball, Inflatable human hamster ball, giant inflatable human hamster ball, Bubble Football, Body Zorbing Football, Soccer Bubble, Body zorb ball, Bumperz Ball etc. Zorb Balls are very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation.

This is a new craze of Zorbing. Unlike water Zorbing and land Zorbing where your body is inside the whole Zorbing.Bodyzorbing allows you to run, walk, jump, flip, bounce, back roll bounce into other body zorbing and much more. Your legs are not inside the Zorb meaning you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the Zorbing over your head and arms through the shoulder straps and you can play safely body zorbing.


Buy Zorb Football

Zorb Football is a new sport that is prevalent in Europe. People wearing a ball called bubble suits pushing each other during soccer time. Bubble soccer became famous because of filmed in a TV show called Golden Gole. Originally, the bubble suits used in a soccer game was invented by Canadians in 2008. Bubble soccer now became most hot outdoor or indoor game in these country list below:Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, Spain, Lebanon, Sweden etc. In Europe bubble soccer already become a popular competition game. For example in the Netherlands, there are 22 facilities have ability to organize the bubble soccer competitions.

Playing Zorb Football is one of the most thrilling and appreciating experiences you can ever get. Our bubble Football stand out of the crowd. This is because we use quality materials in designing our bubble Football. You will feel free and fearless when using our Zorb Football.

Zorb Football is played just like a traditional soccer game with two halves, anywhere from 25-45 minutes per half. Teams play in team sizes ranging from 6-on-6 to full 11-on-11 soccer matches. It all depends on the type of terrain the game is being played on, the size of the facility, and the number of players in a particular league. The only difference between traditional soccer and bubble soccer is that sometimes players can’t get upright after being knocked down because of their laughter. It’s not uncommon for the referees to have to help them roll over to get up!


Zorb Football Game

Zorbing football is a game where the participant rolls downhill inside a zorb mostly made of plastic that is transparent. Although mostly played on a slope, it can also be played at level grounds in ,clubs, pubs or even parks.

Body zorbing can be tried by anyone who is over six years and one can make it as physical as they wish. It is played by use of an inflatable body bumper otherwise known as a zorb which is placed over one’s head and arms. The legs are free to move as they are not inside the zorb which means that one can walk,run,,jump or even bounce into other participants. Participants are supposed to follow the rules of the game and are also supervised in order to minimize on injuries that might occur.
This inflatable product come in different sizes raging from 1-2 meters in diameter. The height may be small, medium or large with sizes 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 meters respectively.
Bubble football is becoming popular popular by the day as it is played by both children and adults for recreation and sporting purposes. Besides being featured in BBC sport and ITV, this game has also been embraced schools sport scene. Popular games that most people enjoy are; body bumper sumo,bulldog,body bumper battle,5-a-side,body bumper tag,body bumper football and Pac-man among others.
In body bumper sumo, for instance,one gains points when they knock other participants out of the arena in which they are playing in while in body bumper battle, all one has to do is run around avoiding getting hit while bumping into others.
For you or your clients to enjoy playing this game, all you need to do is purchase a body zorbing ball which goes by different names such as inflatable bumper ball and bubble ball among others at the leading dealers near you.


Zorb football

Many times we receive much emails from people all around country requestingof if we rent Zorb football equipment on private occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, and corporate building teams events. Because of the amount of inquiries we receive, we wanted to talk about these types of events in a blog post.


We as an company don’t offer Zorb football suits for rent, our league administrators within each city typically do! So when we as a company receive an inquiry for Zorb soccer rental in say, Chicago or Los Angeles, what we typically do is forward that inquiry to the league administrator in that particular city and put them in contact with the inquirer for the event.
Rates for rentingzorb footballequipment varies from region to region and type of event.The pictures alone are worth thousands of words. Besides, ever had the urge to hit your boss? Well now you can, because once you step inside the bubble, office politics go right out the window!

as it may sound, a great side effect of Bubble Football is a lot of a bonding from the ensuing laughter at corporate events that is especially heartwarming for our league administrators. Employees from different departments, who may have no purpose to speak to one another suddenly are coming together and resulting to being great pals after having crazy game of Zorb soccer.


Imagine how that translates to the office the following week! Finally, Sales and Engineering are not only getting along, they’re actively working together and loving every minute of it! It’s a CEO’s dream come true.

You send us an inquiry in the “Player Registration” section of our website and tell us about your event in the box provided along with your name and contact info. We’ll forward it to our league administrator in your area to reach out and get your event bubbling in no-time!

How safe is it to play Bubble Football?

The risks associated to Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer are the same as any other sport. There’s always a risk for injuries such as twisted ankles or bruised knees, but the risk isn’t really any higher than traditional soccer. There is more of a concern that the actual contact causes injury, but because the bubbles are so big, the concussive impact is actually displaced over the entire surface of the ball, so the player inside feels nothing! As far as concussive related injuries are concerned, we’ve never had any.

How is the game played?

The game is played just like a traditional soccer game with two halves, anywhere from 25-45 minutes per half. Teams play in team sizes ranging from 6-on-6 to full 11-on-11 soccer matches. It all depends on the type of terrain the game is being played on, the size of the facility, and the number of players in a particular league. The only difference between traditional soccer and bubble soccer is that sometimes players can’t get upright after being knocked down because of their laughter. It’s not uncommon for the referees to have to help them roll over to get up!



Generally people tend to treat training for a look differently from training for as an athletic or for strength. The fact is of the matter is, whatever your fitness goals are, it is very important to structure your program in a way that allows you to meet your goals in the shortest possible time period. You might have a variety of tools available to you and it is sometimes very easy to forget that not all methods are effective in achieving the set goals. So if you are hoping to stretch your muscles, you should employ a workout strategy that is designed to stretch various parts of your body and increase overall mass. In addition, eat a diet geared towards bulking your muscles and consider taking supplements to help you get bigger faster.


In any kind of dynamic zorb football, zorb football is one of the 1st things to be implemented in the training program. It is usually considered one of the fundamental requirements which have to be acquired before getting into more sport specific work. Zorb football improves flexibility and makes up an important part of an exercise routine.

Zorb football activities encourage lengthening of muscles as well as the associated tendons and oppose the tightening and shortening of muscles that occurs immediately after vigorous exercises. A sedentary type of lifestyle that involves longer periods of driving or sitting causes muscles to shorten and tighten which leads to pressure on nerves and even pains.

Benefits of pre and post exercise zorb football

• Increased flexibility

• Flexibility allows one to accomplish everyday tasks like bending over to tie shoes or even reaching to put groceries away in a cupboard. More demanding tasks like jumping during a basketball game or 100 m swimming exercises are easier if joints are taken through full range of motions.

• Flexibility minimizes ones risk of injuries by allowing joints to move over their full range of motion without necessarily having to strain capsular structures or ligaments.

• Flexibility allows for good circulation. This is necessary so as to provide working muscles with nutrients in order to allow for speedy recovery after exercises

• Flexibility allows one to maintain a good posture since tight muscles will pull one into poor structures.

• Zorb football exercises can help one to relax thus relieving tension.

• Decreased risk of injury and low back pain

• Reduced muscular tension

• Increased supply of blood and nutrients to joint structures

Types of stretches

Static zorb football

This refers to stretch that is held in a challenging but comfortable position for a given period of time usually for about 10-30 seconds. Static zorb football is the most common form of stretches found in general fitness and is usually considered safe and effective method of improving overall flexibility. A lot of experts consider static zorb football as a way of improving range of motion for functional movements that includes activities and zorb football for daily living.

Dynamic zorb football

This is a type of stretch that involves muscle movements that moves a joint through the full range of movement that is required for a given activity/sport. Even though this type of zorb football requires more thoughtful coordination than static zorb football, it is slowly gaining favor among coaches, athletes, trainers and therapists because of its benefits in improving functional range of mobility and motion in zorb football. This type of zorb football is smooth, controlled and deliberate.

Passive zorb football

This means that one is using some sought of outside assistance so as to achieve a stretch. The assistance could be leverage, one`s body weight, gravity, zorb football device or another person. With this type of zorb football, one relaxes the muscles he is trying to stretch and relies on the external force to hold them in place. You do not necessarily have to work very hard so as to do a passive stretch but there is always a risk that the external forces may be stronger than you are flexible which might result in injuries.

Active zorb football

This means that one is zorb football muscles by actively contracting the muscles in opposition to the ones they are zorb football. You do not have to rely on external forces as it is the case with passive stretch but rather you relax the muscle that you are zorb football and rely on the opposing muscles to initiate the stretch. This type of stretch can be challenging due to the muscular force required to generate the stretches but is generally considered lower risk due to the fact that you are you control the stretch force with your own strength and not external forces.



Zorb Football is the revolutionary new way to play the beautiful game… inside an inflatable bubble! “By far one of the funniest, energetic and most unique things you will ever do!”




The rules are simple, play a fun game of football with your friends or work colleagues, however there is one small twist… each person has to wear an inflatable Body Zorb. The Zorb will protect you from your head down to your knees meaning you can run around the pitch like crazy knocking people over, getting knocked over or generally roll around on the floor till you’re too dizzy to continue.



Bubble football ball is actually a new brand of the exciting game that brings new and innovative meaning to ball control. Or you can say that this is an outstanding twist on the traditional football. In this game, you will be covered in a big, soft inflatable Bubble Ball. Lots of fun and entertainment are involved in this game for both players and audience! Most of individual have only watched videos of this game on Face book and YouTube! But now you will be able to play also, because you can easily purchase them through online shopping.


Zorb Football UK

Zorb Football is a unique experience that offers the best of all worlds. It’s fast, fun and full of laughs. This is the prefect way of having fun, energetic exercise.
ZorbFootball, crazy as it’s name suggests, this is as unique as it is hilarious. 7 a side, 5 a side, cup games, league games, indoor, park, beach and street, we bet you haven’t tried this format of the beautiful game before.


Strap yourselves into your own one man body Zorb and split off into teams. Rather than tackle, use the more effective ‘barge’ to win the ball off your opponents sending them flying end over end in the process. When in control of the ball, if you can stop yourself howling with laughter for long enough, dribble it forward before smashing it home past the goalie, but beware, a barge could come from any direction!


Zorbing Football

If ever you need to have great fun, then consider zorb football to give you 60 minutes of pure fun! It is a big, exciting and bouncy entertainment that suits big groups. This football game proves to be the latest new and big session to have fun, cutting across various parts of London.

Currently available and played at a Powerleague centre found anywhere close to you, zorb type of football at times referred to as bounce or bubble football, proves to be a perfect game for corporate or stag events, having plenty of fun that suits people of different abilities and ages.

Zorb football amongst the youth becomes favorite and ideal for birthday party or event. Giving your zorb a simple strap would make you enjoy and have great fun with several games consisting of capture the flag, last man standing, classic football, British Bulldog and many more.

You need to make yourself prepared when getting ready to take the challenge on zorbing game for corporal chaos, fitting inside a match of bubble football. Now it’s time that you need to go back to the field playing some favorite games that you enjoyed as kids just like you would do while young back at school but with a large ball fitting over your head.


It sounds a little crazy and, surely it is. You will fit the inflated ball which is transparent over your head, make yourself fit inside and have the holds grabbed in your hands in front of your face. In this case you are ready with this new bulged body bumper ball rolling around with great fun.

There is also tag where you laugh out when you chase and get to your colleagues and knock them off kilter and also sumo, which targets getting your inflated ‘bellies’ bashing. With these variety of games to keep and test your balance, you’ll feel great fun having one of these to go falling down too.

Wondering how to run around playing soccer, breathe whilst having a large bubble? You don’t have to fear anything, since there’s a big enough hole just above the head with your legs free right below the sphere. This is in a way so you won’t have problems with respiration, but find yourself catching breath while wobbling around the playground determined to knock down fellow mates.

Football with other spherical games, usually are played in different groups consisting up to 12 players. This operator gives this madcap exclusively new craze at the regular ground found near Whyteleade, or rather the bubbles can possibly be set on appropriate terrain available in London Docklands and Brighton locally by arranging your appropriate date with the zorb team.

If you ever thought of what it would be like living life in a bubble, consider body zorbing as you try to jump, run, cartwheel and bump in an inflatable and large ‘helmet’ covering all your body except your legs. It is ridiculousness and hilarious as you with your fellows bash into one another, topple and roll over around at a fast pace while pumped up, and having fun scoring goals.